Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pink Priest - Swallow Your Dreams

Univers/Elementum Nº 010

Serving side A of the final work of Pink Priest's, "Swallow Your Dreams", is this film to the track "Pink Cream". Pre-orders for the vinyl are at La Station Radar now!

Available on handstamped 3" dvds, with stills from the film printed on a double sided matte paperstock and folded transparency sheet.

18 minutes 21 seconds
All Regions
3" Mini DVD-R (These will jam up slot drives such as Macbooks. Only players with spindles or 3" indented trays are for these.)

Edition A - Consisting of 21 copies. (Out of Print)
Edition B - Consisting of 50 copies with the limited edition vinyl @ La Station Radar
(Out of Print)

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